Ideal Public Higher Secondary School

Matlabpura, Chikliya Road, Dhar(454001)

General Rules

  • Punctuality
    1. It is the duty of the parents to see that their children are regular, come neet and tidy to the school and in time for class and bring all their necessary school items with them.
    2. Students must be regular and punctual in attendance.
    3. Students arriving after school bell will be sent back.
  • Uniform
    1. Students wearing incomplete uniform will be sent back.
    2. Students must comply with the dress code of the school.
  • Leave
    1. Only two days leave of absence will be permitted by the principal on leave application.
    2. Without application no leave will be considered and a fine of Rs.5/- will be charged for each successive day.
    3. The fine should be deposited in the office at the time of depositions of monthly fee.
    4. Leave for more than two days will be permitted only on presentation of medical certificate.
    5. Half day leave will be given only in exceptional cases like sickness or a family emergency.
  • Fees
    1. Tutuion fee should be deposited by the 10th of the every month.
    2. Parents are requested to come for fee deposition during fixed hours only.